Ideal for functional training classes where multiple users perform the same exercise in unison, Connexus gives club owners and trainers maximum flexibility and virtually unlimited expandability. Challenge strength, balance, coordination and cardiovascular conditioning, HIIT style.


For body conditioning training, cross training, and athletic based training, the Escape Octagon range has something suitable for all members. From fitness beginners to advanced athletes, these functional frames and storage products offer a comprehensive solution to optimize your space.


Activate group studios, dynamic training areas, flexibility zones, or anywhere you need a little extra organization and functional training support with TRX Studio Solutions. These highly customizable Suspension Training anchoring and storage systems maximize space efficiency and exercise functionality.


Durable and versatile, our rigs are built to withstand tough training environments and large groups of training enthusiasts. Our smart, simple designs provide superior stability, integrated storage, and configurations that serve virtually any space.


The MotionCage is a series of functional training system exercise stations that can be configured in several ways to best suit any facility’s layout and needs. Configurations can include a Squat Rack, a Renegade Station, Dual Hi-Lo Pulleys, a Boxing Station, a Rebounder Station, a Wall Target Station, and more.


– TRX Training Zone Bridge Solutions are highly configurable and easily adjustable storage and Suspension Training structures designed to support today’s most popular functional training methods. Bridges come in both standard and extended height versions and are unlimitedly configurable.