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Since 2009, TFC’s cleaning division – Solvex – has been known for their innovative solutions to cleaning problems faced by fitness clubs and athletic facilities. Solvex has become a leader in manufacturing disinfectant and cleansing wipes to protect fitness equipment and gym members, promoting health, wellness and fitness facility cleanliness.

To efficiently clean and disinfect, and to get the maximum usage out of products, it is important to use the right products in the right places at the right times. Solvex offers a variety of solutions for all your cleansing needs.

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Product #: 900

These all-surface cleaning wipes are specially formulated to clean and deodorize any surface, anywhere. Ideal for use on gym and fitness equipment, and many other surfaces. Designed for use with our Large Center-Pull Dispenser or Stainless Steel Dispenser Stand for higher-end facilities. Biodegradable cellulose fabric. Solid in rolls of 900 count, 8” x 6” sheets. 1 case contains 2 rolls.


Product #: 1002

This foam sanitizer kills 99.99% of bacteria without the use of alcohol. It sanitizes with BZK (Benzalkonium Chloride), and is ideal for schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, and other areas where sanitizing is needed but alcohol is not desired. Unique formula is non-tacky on hands compared to other alcohol-free sanitizers

This non-rinse, alcohol-free formula cleans hands while killing bacteria, and can safely be used in places where alcohol-based products are a safety risk.

The Formula is ideal for use in a health care environment, food processing or anywhere else bacterial contamination may be a problem. Sold in 1 Gallon containers. 1 case contains 4 gallons.

Moisturizes the skin with Aloe, Glycerin and Vitamin E.


Product #: 1000

Available in Berry Vanilla and Green Apple scents.
Berry Vanilla Foam Soap is a gentle liquid soap with a fragrant, fruity scent. Ideal for use as a general hand soap or as a body soap for bath and shower use. Its rich formula is pH balanced to provide effective cleaning, yet gentle enough to keep your skin feeling silky all day.

A gentle liquid soap providing every restroom with a touch of class. Ideal for use as a general hand soap, or as a body soap for bath and shower use. Its rich formula is pH balanced to provide effective leaning, yet gentle enough to keep your skin felling smooth and smelling fresh all day.

It contains no abrasive, caustic or solvent ingredients to dry or crack sensitive skin. It rinses freely, leaving skin soft wand silky smooth. Al light, fresh fragrance leaves skin smelling great. Sold in 1 Gallon containers. 1 case contains 4 gallons.


Product #: 1003

Super Power # 1 combines water softeners and biodegradable low-phosphate surfactants to power away heavy dirt, grease and grime from most surfaces. Ideal for cleaning any water-safe hard surface, including Gym rubber flooring. Sold in 1 Gallon containers. 1 case contains 4 gallons.


Product #: 2002

Ideal for use in facilities where image and marketability are important. Attractive stainless steel design with integrated waste receptacle. Provides immediate access to wipes in almost any application. Ideal for use with Solvex Equipment Wipes, in fitness clubs, schools, universities, grocery stores, and other environments.

Includes a plastic bucket with lid, mounted beneath dispenser cover, to hold refill wipes bags. Lid provides a clean perforation during each pull of a wipe.


Product #: 9125

Designed for use with Solvex Equipment Wipes, this smoky light grey dispenser offers single-sheet release requiring only one hand to tear off. The compact design is made of tough, impact-resistant materials, making it one of the most vandal-proof, break resistant, chemical and flame-resistant products for heavy use applications.

  • Hygienic – No Touch Dispensing. No levers, dials or cranks
  • Fully enclosed – Wipes stay wetter for longer
  • Easy loading with side-hinged lid
  • Transparent cover shows roll status at a glance
  • Locking hinged cover eliminates theft


Product #: 9142

Non-proprietary, bulk dispenser. 1,000mL capacity. Dispenses 0.3 – 0.4mL per push. Includes one refill bottle and valve. ABS plastic construction with hidden keyless locking mechanism allows dispenser to be refilled while keeping vandals out. White.

Dimensions: 10-2/5 H x 5 W x 4-1/2